"Jennifer has helped me improve more than I ever thought I could. I feel comfortable around her because I know that if I make a mistake she will never look down on me, but tell me ways to do it better. She is always concerned about what I think and how I feel about a song or exercise. Jennifer has taught me so much and I love being her student, there is no voice teacher I would rather have. She doesn't just teach me how to sing, Jennifer also has taught me how to really analyze the meaning of lyrics and how to show emotion while performing. I get really nervous for recitals, but she always gives me the confidence to get on stage and do my best."

~Veronika, age 14

"I have been studying voice with Jennifer McCormick for the past one and a half years. I am an adult student. I had always wanted to sing, and at sixty-one years old realized, if I didn't do it now, I never would.

From the start, Jennifer put me at ease with her patience and encouragement. Her knowledge, love of music, and her own beautiful voice led the way. She has challenged me to try things I never thought I could. Jennifer makes learning fun. I am truly grateful to be able to study with such a talented instructor."

~Allegra, age 62

"My voice has made leaps and bounds while working with Jennifer. My vocal health is her first priority, and she has really helped me improve both as a singer and as a performer. I came in with goals of tackling some very challenging repertoire for my skill level, and I was very nervous going into it. When it came to performance day, I sang through it with confidence."

~Noa, age 18

"As an adult with no musical background, I came in with concerns about how I would struggle not only to understand basic concepts, but also how my schedule would allow me to make progress. Jennifer allayed those concerns almost immediately. For any area that needed focus, she was prepared with multiple creative exercises to help increase my strength and confidence, exercises molded to how I tend to learn (that also fit my work schedule).

Whenever I had issues with motivation or became overly critical of myself, Jennifer maintained a confident, constructive demeanor and was able to help me identify my strengths and significant areas where I was improving. I always left encouraged and truly feel that Jennifer would make an excellent teacher in any area. Combined with her breadth of knowledge and experience, these virtues lead me to believe I could not have found a better instructor!"

~Steve, age 32

"When I started voice lessons five years ago, Jennifer immediately encouraged me to confront my greatest challenge in singing: relieving tension. Now, five years later, I still struggle with this aspect, but Jennifer has helped me profoundly through countless exercises and careful technique. Patient, never harsh, and always willing to help, Jennifer has been an amazing resource not only in voice, but for assistance in the audition process and aspects of music theory as well. Through the past five years, she has become a trusted teacher and helped me become an overall better musician."

~Francesca, age 14